Remote Recording Studio

remote recording studio
remote recording studio
remote recording studio

Houndog’s remote recording studio makes it easy to include professionally recorded live woodwind sounds on any creative project. Whether it be a film, tv, internet, gaming, or other media project, reasonable rates, and timely, professional results are only a click away: 

Examples of Houndog playing his various instruments can be heard on the performance page. He can also call on his professional colleagues to provide any other instrument sounds that may be needed. Houndog uses Logic Pro X software in his remote recording studio, and can produce sessions using live and synthesized instruments in any combination.

Instruments Houndog Provides:


Selmer Mark VI Soprano #262xxx

Selmer Mark VI Alto   #212xxx

Selmer Mark VI Tenor  #M55xxx

Selmer Mark VI Baritone  #194xxx

Conn “Continental” Bass   #41xxx


Buffet R13 Bb  #95xxx

Buffet S1 Bb #F166xxx

Buffet R13 A  #452xxx

Buffet R13 Eb  #524xxx

Selmer Bass (low C) #B64xx


Burkhart Global Piccolo  #11xxx

S.M. Eudy C Flute  #210xxx

Powell C Flute #12xx

Artley Alto Flute  #227xxx

Artley Ogilvie Bass Flute #0062

Assorted Ethnic Flutes and Whistles

Double Reeds:

Loree Oboe AK bore #OZxx

Laubin English Horn #1xx


Yamaha Sopranino

Yamaha Soprano

Yamaha Alto

Yamaha Tenor

Houndog's Recent Remote Recording Projects:

Alto Flute

Music by David Fernandez

Soprano and Alto Recorders

Music by Mark Benis

Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Saxes

Music by Lou King

Contact Houndog to remotely record tracks for your next project: