Houndog's Arranging

Houndog does professional arranging for sax quartet and other ensembles large and small, from pop duets, to jazz big bands, to full classical orchestras.

Here is an example of him taking the song, “Bluez Organ Man” (which he co-wrote with drummer Art Lillard), and arranging it for three different ensembles:

Jump Swing Band Groovalaya

Jazz Big Band

Saxophone Quartet with Drums

In addition to arranging music, Houndog also provides beautifully and professionally copied sheet music for ease of performance and editing.

Houndog's Arranging For Sax Quartet/Quintet

Arranging for sax quartet has been a favorite of Houndog’s, ever since his friend Bagel (not his legal name, but that’s what Houndog calls him!) gave him a cassette tape of some french classical sax quartet performances. The sound was beautiful and humorous at the same time and inspired Houndog to start arranging some of his favorite pop musicĀ  (Doo-wop, Motown, Ska, Broadway, Soul, TV themes, etc) for it. In college he wrote his first original piece for it. More recently, he has expanded that sound into a quintet, incorporating his beloved bass sax, Oscar. Please enjoy some of these arrangements in the player below (scroll down in player for more tracks).

Some of these arrangements are available for purchase on the sheet music page, and scrolling score and virtual band videos of the “Redemption Song” arrangement can be found on the video editing page.

Contact Houndog to arrange your next musical project: