Jeff Houndog Schiller

Performing On Saxes Clarinets And Flutes

performing on saxes clarinets flutes

Performing on saxes, clarinets, flutes and double-reeds is at the core of what Houndog does. As a member of the American Federation of Musicians Union, Local 802, he typically performs in over 100 Broadway shows a year, works as a studio musician for TV, film and frequently collaborates with other recording and performing artists. His career includes numerous concert performances, from classical to blues, Carnegie Hall to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

In addition to his live and studio performances, Houndog regularly records professional quality tracks remotely for projects world-wide from his home studio.

Please enjoy listening to some samples of him playing his various instruments below (scroll down in players for more tracks). You can also go here to see some of Houndog’s performances on the web.

Houndog's Saxes Clarinets And Flutes

Houndog’s Saxes:

Selmer Mark VI Soprano #262xxx

Selmer Mark VI Alto   #212xxx

Selmer Mark VI Tenor  #M55xxx

Selmer Mark VI Baritone  #194xxx

Conn “Continental” Bass   #41xxx

Houndog’s Clarinets:

Buffet R13 Bb  #95xxx

Buffet S1 Bb #F166xxx

Buffet R13 A  #452xxx

Buffet R13 Eb  #524xxx

Selmer Bass (low C) #B64xx

Houndog’s Flutes:

Burkhart Global Piccolo  #11xxx

S.M. Eudy C Flute  #210xxx

Powell C Flute #12xx

Artley Alto Flute  #227xxx

Artley Ogilvie Bass Flute #0062

Assorted Ethnic Flutes and Whistles

Houndog’s Double Reeds:

Loree Oboe AK bore #OZxx

Laubin English Horn #1xx

Houndog’s Recorders:

Yamaha Sopranino

Yamaha Soprano

Yamaha Alto

Yamaha Tenor

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